introducing : Drawdown

The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

We've been handed a gift. A gift in the form of the climate feedback we're receiving, that's telling us we need to change course. We now know (if it wasn't already glaringly obvious) that the way we've been living on our planet is unsustainable. The beautiful thing is, it's providing us with the impetus to live in a more harmonious, mutually beneficial way on our planet. If it wasn't for this feedack, we'd continue heading straight off the cliff. Paul Hawken and the smart folks at Project Drawdown have provided us with a roadmap to avoid that cliff. It just so happens that the solutions might also lead to a more regenerative, sustainable way of being on planet Earth. How 'bout that?

Drawdown is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.

"Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. We did not make or devise the plan—the plan exists and is being implemented worldwide. It has been difficult to envision this possibility because the focus is overwhelmingly on the impacts of climate change. We gathered a qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world to identify, research, and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global greenhouse gas emissions within thirty years. The research revealed that humanity has the means and techniques at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented, yet many more solutions are coming due to purposeful human ingenuity. The solutions we modeled are in place and in action. Humanity’s task is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible as soon as possible." -

Note: The information contained here is from the original Project Drawdown publication, released in 2017. The Drawdown Review was released in March of 2020, with updated data.

A deeper conversation about Drawdown, with a focus on the food system, as food is the number one sector for it's impact on drawing down the carbon.

Is Paul Hawken dreaming? Absolutely...

it's time to get to work...

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