earth calling : humans rising

what did you do while the Earth was unravelling?

We are bringing together a purpose-driven collective of game changers, engaged in creating a regenerative, resilient, thriving future for humanity and all life on planet Earth.  

Working on a New help create a viable way into the future. A future where we humans become a protective presence on our planet, not a destructive one. What cultural historian Thomas Berry described as 'The Great Work' of our time; a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship.  

This call goes out to inspired, passionate folks like you and I, to step into this purpose-driven mission to help protect, restore and regenerate, because...our great, great, grandchildren may ask us in dreams...

Earth's systems are unravelling, we know this. The question from our grandchildren will be; what did you do, once, you, knew?

This is about doing everything we can. Everything. Not just sitting back, continuing our lives as 'normal' and hoping that our so-called leaders will act. That's a false hope. They won't, until it's too late.

Watch the video below (coming soon), for a personal invitation into this purpose-driven do everything we can, now.

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A Two Part Action Plan
- stepping up to go to work for our planet -

We have a roadmap provided by Project Drawdown, as far as the atmospheric carbon issue is concerned, now we need to scale the solutions. Starting with disrupting and decentralizing the way we do energy, so we can help slow the release of carbon [part 1], before helping to bring what's already up there, back home again [part 2].

Part 1: scaling renewable energy  

This is where Powur Energy and you and I, come in. Putting the power, quite literally, into the hands of the people. Crowdsourcing the renewable revolution and accelerating the adoption of solar. While at the same time, creating the time and financial resources to enable us to focus on additional Drawdown solutions and help regenerate the living systems of our planet [part 2].

The scale of the planetary problems we face are so vast that we pretty much need people to down tools on what they currently do to 'make a living' and focus instead on regenerating the natural world. The issue here, clearly, is that everyone has bills to pay and needs to keep a roof over their heads....and Mother Nature doesn't pay too well. Not monetarily, any way.

However, what if we could utilize the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy to fund us - an empowered citizenry? Quite literally, sucking the fossil fuel wealth away from Big Oil and channelling it into the hands of the people. Freeing us to focus on the regeneration of our degraded ecological systems and other solutions. 

Wouldn't that be a cool concept? Using the power of the Sun to not only power our lives, but freeing us to step into our true role as custodians of this planet. Now, can you imagine if there were thousands of us doing this?

Your first shift working for Mother Earth starts tomorrow, at 8am. Oh, and it comes with great benefits; you'll be able to tell your grandkids you did everything you could! Sign up here.

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accelerating the shift to renewable energy

To help accelerate the adoption of solar using Powur's decentralized model.
there are two different ways you can get involved...

simply spreading the word as an ambassador,
or enroll as an independent consultant...

next steps

As we move forward as a collective, accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through the Powur model, journeying to the Amazon and helping The Pachamama Alliance with their work protecting the lungs of the world, we will also begin to focus on other key Drawdown solutions, in order to help create that regenerative, resilient, thriving future.
Starting with our soil, our planet's living skin, and the biosphere that it is a part of, connecting with inspired organisations like
Kiss The Ground and Ecosystem Restoration Camps:

Ready to go to work for our planet?

There truly is no limit to the level of impact that can be had as we come together on this, the Great Work of our time...  

creating a world powered by light
as we crowd source the renewable revolution...

helping protect the lungs of the world as we
journey to the Amazon to connect with life itself...

while using our time & resources to restore ecosystems and aid the progress towards drawdown...