the mission

accelerate renewable energy adoption
help regenerate the natural world
create a thriving future for all life

~ bringing together a task force of peaceful warriors, to do so ~
Ready to Rise? Earth is Calling


(this mission)

Look, we haven't done the best job at taking care of our beautiful little blue/green planet, right? Things are a little (okay, a lot) out of balance, we know this. We have to correct course if we want to leave things in decent shape for future generations.

So, what does that mean for everyday humans like you and I? Do we just keep recycling, changing light bulbs, and hope that our so called 'leaders' will take of it?
Or, instead of just going about our lives as though all's well, do we roll up our sleeves, and REALLY go to work for Mother Earth?

How about we create a vision for a Thriving Future for our children's children, and set about it like we mean it? Sound good? You're in the right place, this is the Great Work or our time, our
Earth Calling

The natural systems on this miraculous planet that we get to call home are a little out of balance. We haven't done the best job at taking care of her, and if we want to be able to look our children's children in the eye when they ask us; "what did you do, once you knew?" - we simply can not sit idly by and hope that somebody else steps up, or worse, that our so called 'leaders' take care of it (they won't).
We humans (yes, you and I) MUST step into our calling as Caretakers of Life on our Earthly home, to aid the transition from the industrial to the ecological age -
the age of nature. It is our initiation as a species, a right of passage, if you will.
Indeed, it is The Great Work of our time, our:
Earth Calling

can be done

Focusing on the carbon issue, the hundred most substantive solutions to bringing it (carbon) back home again, based on meticulous research by leading scientists around the world, we are provided with a game plan in the name of:
- and a how to (carry out that game plan) in the name of Regeneration

(you and I can help)

We are bringing together a group of gamechangers to go to work for our planet, a passionate crew of peaceful Earth warriors, if you will. To slow the release of more carbon by helping to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, while using our time and resources to restore and regenerate the natural world, to help return atmospheric carbon back where it the ground.
Join us:
Humans Rising

electrons from the Sun
inspiration from the Earth

Personal Action
you can do immediately to help reduce both your carbon and financial outgoings, while helping to drive this Earth Calling Project.
Check to see if your home is viable to
Go Solar

Powerful Inspiration
has been drawn from the Earth herself, for both this project and the people powered solar energy platform 'fueling' this game changing mission, thanks to the
Pachamama Alliance

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