introducing : The Pachamama Alliance 

a calling ~ inspired by life itself 

Inspiration for this Earth Calling Project that you're being invited to step into, came from The Pachamama Alliance.

From participating in the Awakening The Dreamer and Game Changer Intensive courses that were designed to change the dream of the modern world and inspire Game Changers like you and I, to step up and step into The Great Work of our time.

Pachamama is an incredible organisation with a powerful origin story that you can hear about in the video below, or read more about here.

The founder's vision for Powur Energy came out of a journey to the Amazon rainforest with the Pachamama Alliance, a handful of years ago.

We are also planning to journey to the Amazon on a Pachamama Journey ourselves, as a collective, to connect more deeply with this breathtakingly beautiful planet and our calling to protect her. If you would potentially be interested in joining fellow Humans Rising on such a life-changing adventure, let us know here.

A critical project that The Pachamama Alliance is currently involved with, to permanently protect the Sacred Headwaters region of the Amazon, clearly fits into the Project Drawdown framework under Indigenous Peoples' Forest Tenure.